Psycholinguistic Text Analytics API – Emotional Intelligence for your Software Solution

To empower more software solutions to become emotionally intelligent when processing text, Symanto’s unique psycholinguistic text analytics is now available via APIs as a cloud service. Text analytics (also referred to as Natural Language Processing in the language of AI), is the technique of extracting useful insights and meanings from free text such as social […]

Benchmarking Grocery Discounters

In our recent Symanto Mood Index (SMI – created to map the consumer-mood) ranking we compared a number of brands across diverse industries and found (to our surprise) that Aldi came out on top, despite a relatively lower online engagement overall. To understand what is driving this performance, we have used our homebuilt survey insight […]

3 Brands You Thought You Knew <br>Everything About

Especially in times of a global pandemic, the right strategy can be crucial to organizational success. To uncover the challenges and opportunities, we conducted following case studies on H&M, Aldi, and Zoom. Therefore, we used our new “Consumer Mood Tracker”. We analyzed a dataset of more than 12 million tweets (from March 17th to April […]

Resto Insights – The Key to Maximising Your Restaurant Review Ratings

Running a restaurant takes a lot of time, effort and energy, however, making a success of an enterprise of this type takes more than just hard work. In order to satisfy the needs of your customers, you need to know what you’re doing right and conversely, what you’re not doing so well. Ordinarily speaking, this […]

Harness the power of emotion detection <br>this Valentine’s day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the subjects of love and emotion come into focus for couples all around the world. Love is such a powerful emotion and it’s associated with things as mundane as your favourite cereal and as emotive and evocative as romance. However, the subject of emotion is not merely limited […]

Webinar: Potenziale der KI-basierten Textanalyse in der Marktforschung

Wir laden Sie herzlich zu unserem nächsten Webinar mit dem Thema „Potenziale der KI-basierten Textanalyse: Anwendung der KI-basierten Textanalyse in der Marktforschung“ ein. Es findet am kommenden Mittwoch, dem 11. Dezember 2019 um 11:00 Uhr statt.     Jetzt anmelden!   Über das Webinar  Sie werden erfahren, wie Symanto den ursprünglich aus dem Psychopathen-Profiling entstandenen Textanalyse-Ansatz zum Konsumenten-Profiling Tool entwickelt hat, und wie die […]

The Benefits of Consumer Profiling

When people often think about profiling, it is often associated with identifying and understanding the mindset and actions of criminals or potential criminals and being able to predict what crime might be perpetuated next. However, this line of thinking, severely, limits the scope and potential of profiling in general. The basic principle of profiling as […]

It´s all About the Fans

In the modern day of Big Data, there exits still a gap between Sport Clubs and their Fans in terms of Social Media activity and engagement. However, by focusing on the inner motivations and the emotions Fans have when discussing on Social Media combined with the clubs own CRM data, sports clubs can connect with […]

Who are the Experts and How they Can Help you Grow your Business?

An expert is a loyal consumer who possesses deep knowledge of the company and its products as they closely follow the progress of the company and its products. Thus, they are able to provide an external view of the company and its products. They also exhibit extraordinary problem-solving skills through their wide range of experiences. […]