Personality Traits

The Importance of Personality Traits to Consumer Understanding

There have been various methods over the course of the years of trying to understand the reason behind consumers’ actions. With the most popular one being behavioral analysis, which focuses on the previous actions of consumers like their purchasing behavior or online activities. Although this process gives an indication towards consumer tendencies, are decisions just

Benefits of Profiling

The Benefits of Consumer Profiling

When people often think about profiling, it is often associated with identifying and understanding the mindset and actions of criminals or potential criminals and being able to predict what crime might be perpetuated next. However, this line of thinking, severely, limits the scope and potential of profiling in general. The basic principle of profiling as

Phases of Emotions

The Power of Emotions

In today’s world, as companies become more data driven, the problem can arise of becoming overwhelmed with the high volume of data they receive and/or not knowing what to do with all the data they already have. For instance, many companies possess enormous amounts of behavioral data about their customers or potential customers and try

Big Data sports clubs

It’s all about the fans

In the modern day of Big Data, there exits still a gap between Sport Clubs and their Fans in terms of Social Media activity and engagement. However, by focusing on the inner motivations and the emotions Fans have when discussing on Social Media combined with the clubs own CRM data, sports clubs can connect with