About Us

Symanto Group is the leading company in utilizing Psycho-linguistic Profiling and Artificial Intelligence to provide a deep understanding of the human motivations, attitudes and emotions behind behavior.

Using a unique algorithm with the principles of Psychology, Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, we are able to humanize data by finding personality traits and the accurate meaning of text.

Since 2010, we pursuit to provide the deepest possible customer understanding. We continue to merge different disciplines, cultures, exceptional expertise and skills, which makes us grow rapidly and dynamically.

Our C-Suite

Khaleeq Aziz

Khaleeq Aziz

Founder & CEO

With a background in forensic profiling, Khaleeq decided to apply his techniques to profiling different types of consumers with the unique combination of psychology and technology.
Peter Mucha

Peter Mucha


Peter brings in a big brand perspective from over 25 years of experience, which has helped fast track the Symanto philosophy and enabled clients become even more data driven and consumer centric.
Aaron Gregg

Aaron Gregg


With a solid foundation in computer science and software engineering, Aaron applies his knowledge and experience to create new systems and architectures for our biggest international clients.
Abudllah Kaya

Abdullah Orkun Kaya


Previously CEO at TTNET (Turk Telekom’s broadband arm) and an investment banker at Merrill Lynch, Abdullah leads the strategic initiatives for continuation of sustainable growth at Symanto.

Our Advisory Board

Adel Belcaid

A senior principle with A.T Kearney’s CMT practice in Dubai, Adel brings in over 16 years of strategic and operational experience in advising corporations, governments and regulators. He is a Fulbright Scholar and holds a patent in telecommunications.

Gerhard Götz

A mathematics professor and graduate in mathematics and physics from Nuremberg and Cambridge, Gerhard is Symanto’s principle advisor on research & development as well as product strategy.

Jörg Trouvain

Currently CEO of 7Travel, Jörg has a wealth of experience in publishing, media, retail and the gaming sector, having held senior positions with several companies including EA, Activision Blizzard and Smartbox.

Reynold Lewke

Responsible for leading business development for the U.S. and also a key advisor on recruitment strategy, Reynold Lewke is an advisor to a range of early stage and global companies and sits on the board of directors for the MIT Alumni Association.

Mike Altendorf

Advisor in sales and marketing strategy, Mike was the co-founder of Conchango, one of the UK’s first and most successful digital agencies. Currently an angel investor and non-executive director for a number of fast growing start-ups and digital companies in Europe.

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